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This site will contain software written by me and my friends. Right now it will be shryke.sourceforge.net till disputes with my domain shryke.org are resolved. All projects here are open source, and distributed under the GPL license. If the license isn't included in a program on this site, please see http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html to obtain the license. All software on this site is distributed with no warranty of any kind. Software written by me (Richard Bates aka ShRyKe) is usually for educational purposes of my own, and made public just for the chance that they may be useful to someone else.
NOTE: The sites design will stay simple, I'd like people that use lynx to be able to view it, and all browsers. If any browser doesn't load this page right, please let me know. "not right" != ugly btw

Ruby Update (rupdate)
It is a simple script written in the Ruby programming language. Its purpose is to help keep up with new software releases for those of us who install by source, and don't use *in my opinion, gay* binary packages. It was designed for an LFS system, but should be useful/functional for various distros, custom or not. At the time, and unless I get urged otherwise, the program will never install anything on its own, it will simply let you know their is an update, and where you can obtain the new version. I think auto installing any software is a possible security risk, therefore I don't plan on implementing that as a feature of this program. If it is requested enough that I add it, and it is a package that LFS covers, it will install according to the latest release of the LFS book. The program is no where near complete, anyone familiar, or not and willing to learn, ruby is welcome to help. In its current version, as far as I can tell it is completely usable however, I'm still waiting for bug reports and feature requests before I really dedicate more time finishing it. Given, there's a lot of programs still to be added.

Simple script using FLTK bindings with ruby. Converts ascii to hex/binary/decimal. Written mainly to get a feel for fltk with ruby, nothing fancy. If you have FLTK, ruby, and ruby-fltk (the bindings), give it a try.
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